Is this a fungus?

I have a couple purple haze autos. They’ve been doing fine until two days ago. Noticed bronze spots on most fan leaves. Cut them off but it seems to be spreading very fast. Have them in fox farm strawberry fields. Been using distilled water. And feeding cal mag once a week. I did try some mother flower power flower in moderation the day before the signs appeared.

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@Tooshizz13 Welcome to the Forum. Do you add CalMag or Epsom Salts to your waterings?

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Thanks. Roots organic cal mag

Each week? My thought is she needs more than she may be getting. The LED’s drain it out of them. At what dosage?


@Tooshizz13 do you ck your ph and ppm going in and coming out. Doesn’t look like fungus to me. Look like a nutritional problem. She’s got some nice buds going. Also what type of medium you use. And welcome to the forum :v:

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That’s calcium deficiency. Distilled water usually contains less Calcium than plain water. It’s not as bad as RO. Many of the fertilisers on the market have calcium, but sometimes it isn’t enough to avoid deficiencies. Extra calcium is needed during week 2-5 of flowering. Plants deficient in calcium are always more susceptible to heat stress since calcium contributes in the protein creation, which make plants more resistant to high temperatures. Pulling off damaged leaves will cause the spread further. When you remove a food source, the plant continues to search out new sources to cannibalize. Leaving them attached while you resolve the situation, keeps them centralized and feeding till nutrition is used up.


Nailed it!!


Thank you everybody. Much appreciated. I will try more calcium on the next few feedings. You people are saints.


Welcome to the community and agree with the others would start adding calmag


@Tooshizz13 good morning my friend well I’m glad you got this figured out or they got it figured out for you I’m not the expert but some of those guys are and girls. I’ve only been doing this a couple years myself I was pretty sure it wasn’t fungus but wasn’t sure what it was or what deficiency it was but I think they’ve got you fixed up now my friend hope you have a great day and I hope you plant gets straightened out in the next week or so✌

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