Is this a fungus? Help!

Agree with @CurrDogg420. They’re looking good :love_you_gesture:

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I flood my plants then let them completely dry out and then feed or water every 3rd day. I flood them so i don’t let them salts build up from nutrients


Thank you!

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Good to know! Thanks for the advice!!

Ok, so I let them dry out for 2 days abs tgey actually look worse 🥹. Here’s photos from today. Truly worried. What should o do now??

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What’s your feeding routine, nutrients and medium? PH and PPMs of run off :love_you_gesture:

I noticed a drip system, how much and the interval between fertigation?

Fox Farm Happy Frog soil. Feeding Big Bloom and Grow Big every other watering. Dismantled the drip irrigation due to suggestion of could cause root problems and bacteria algae. Afraid too moist, drying out, no water fir 2 days. Also seeing gnats. Treated with neen oil last night during dark cycle. Mosquito bits coming today.

I was running the irrigation at 10 sec/ every hour. Alternated plain water, 1 gal, then nutrient water, 1 gal.

So here I am, stressing over my girls again. I know have gnats. Just finished putting sticky traps in all pots and mosquito bits in all pots. Going into 3rd 24 hr period without giving water. Made the decision to sacrifice one that seemed most infested and sickly. Gives the other girls better air circulation and a better chance of survival. If the poor girl makes it thru the night isolated, will continue efforts to save her. I don’t have a second light for her in isolation🥺.
The others are drying out with the addition of another fan and turning up the light. I think they may look better?

Any other suggestions. Struggling here.
Will steep a tea with the mosquito bits in the morning to use with the next watering. So afraid I’m going to lose these girls😩
Any snd all help appreciated!

The poor girl in isolation outside the tent😢

Well, don’t see many gnats on the sticky things. But see them in the soil🙄. Proceeding with the mosquito bit tea. It’s been 3 days without watering. I think they look better. Big shout out to @Pinboy @danniep40 for suggesting I dry them out and see what happened. I think y’all saved them! At least I hope so. Onward thru the fog!


Definitely lookin better! One trick I learned with the mosquito bits is to take a big capful and let it soak (and shake occasionally) in a gallon jug for about an hour. Then you can water it in or use a spray bottle to get even distribution across the soil. Keep the sticky’s in there they should catch a lot of the adults

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Thank you@Pinboy!

Still not seeing many adults on the stickies, hopefully that means I caught the nasty critters early. I mixed the mosquito bits in water, soaked for 1hour,then poured the water over each plants soil. Followed this by sprinkling Diatomaceous powder over the top of the soil in each planter to kill the larvae in the soil. Treated the girl in isolation as well. Think I have done all I can do for now. Time will tell. Any other suggestions very appreciated!

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Well the Trifeca and mosquito bit tea has helped. Now I have this problem with one plant. Should I isolate it? The others are doing well.

Yep isolate it.I’m not sure but it looks like bug damage

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I would pull all the lower leaves that might touch the soil, at least a few inches up


When using FFHF soil, you shouldn’t need to start feeding until after 30days. Your plants may have some nutrient overload… and if I’m not mistaken I think Big Bloom should only be used during the flowering stage (I’ve not used it, so others chime in if wrong there).

As already stated you’ll want to let them dry out real good in between waterings. They thrive in wet/dry cycles. Too much watering can lead to root rot and maybe the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of unwanted problems. It’s a good call to take the infested plant out of the tent. I had to do that on my first round too. Afterwards, I placed a small yellow bowl in the tent with apple cider vinegar with a few drops of dish soap. It helpes to catch the lingering nats.

And if your reading Hellraiser journal, look for his Gorilla Glue which he also uses the same soil. Most his others are in coco.

Thank you. Grow Big for vegetation, then switch to tiger bloom at first signs of flowering, is what I understood.But I’m a novice grower so I know nothing really. Been letting them dry out between waterings, this has really helped.
Another concern I have is that my girls are growing rapidly and outgrowing their space! I have a 2 in 1 tent, so I’m going to remove the divider wall, take out the shelves, and add this area to the main area to make 1 larger tent. Will gain about 18”x48” of space. Of course I had to order another light😉
So next question, are my girls starting the bloom stage??