Is this a foxtail or still developing?

I harvested this top cola because it had some ambering on the older trichomes and I felt like it was foxtailing. This is my first grow, anyone with experience know what is up with this bud?


Is that an autoflower?

Yes, supposedly, came as an extra w my online purchase

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Bud structure on autoflowers is sometimes inconsistent. Foxtailing may be in there too, but the looser bud structure is typical for autoflowers. Not always, but more often seen on autos that photos. I have seen autos that grow fast and furiously with a structure like that but not have hardly any trichs on them. At least you got some resin going on.
Now foxtailing is not always a bad enough thing to justify pulling a plant. I have a northern lights photo that grew a bit tall and is closer to the light, (an older non-dimmable) and its foxtailing some. It will be just fine but it will have some newer flowers on it when I do finally harvest. You already have time invested so just let it go and see if it matures. It may be a great smoke. The appearance of buds is over rated on the importance scale in my opinion. The final effects are far more important.


I got some free critical 2.0 auto seeds with a purchase. It had lots of small loose buds on it like that, but wife says it tap dances on the ole’ brain. she really loves the high from it. so Im super happy with end results. was a pain to trim but i just trimmed it loosely. good home grown fluff!!!


HA! Love that description. I’m gonna steal that for future use. :wink: