Is this a female plant?

This plant is supposed to be from a Blueberry Kush feminized seed, it is 60 days old above ground.

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You need to get right up in the plant with those pictures so we can tell. Can’t really see anything from those pictures. But as far as I can tell it isn’t showing sex yet but if it’s a feminized seed I wouldn’t worry


@merlin1106 I agree with @Dushin91 if it’s a fem seed you should be fine but could you get a better shot of the area I circled


youl know if it grows a set

Close enough?

Looking good to me :+1:I don’t see anything that would indicate a male.


Keep an eye on this spot


What light schedule are they on?

I agree, I don’t see anything suggesting it’s a male.

If you need to know for planning purposes, take a cutting and toss it in a glass of water in your flower room. Should show sex within a week or so.

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Hey growers. Here is the plant today.![2|666x500](upload://ofqD8FHLApIqkZU5vXAXUvIi2St.jpeg

You have to let the pic completely upload before posting or we can’t see the pics


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Nice. Beautiful lady you got there.

Idk if this will help for the future but I have a few photos of close female organs if it helps comparing from my grow

This is a tad crude however this is about what they look like in the early stage of development(I’m aware that this plant is much bigger and this is just an underdeveloped sight, the point still stands) the next one is a little further in development, it’s has clear white hairs coated in trichs

If the plant has balls it is either a male or a hermie.