Is this a female (1/28/19)

Hello, I just changed my lights to12/12 a few days ago and I’m already seeing changes. These are my first non autoflower plants so I’m not sure exactly what I’m seeing. I’m just wanting to know if these are in fact female plants.


No, that’s a male, my friend. I’m sorry. Tag it and bag it, and get it the heck out of there.


Well damn! It’s ok, I still have 2 more that are hopefully females. These are the prettiest plants I have.
I appreciate the reply.

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Yup, that’s a sausage fest…

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Yes male. Get rid of it asap.

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Ha. I scrolled down to that pic and literally said, “holy f$ck” that’s a lot of balls.

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True those pods are pretty developed!

That’s what I thought. This plant should have been pulled a while ago.

It always sucks.
Whe. I grew non feminized plants the males always seemed to grow bigger and stronger.

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Males are obviously less temperamental haha.

Kill it get it out before it takes you girls

These balls just showed up yesterday and I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. Today it looked like a male but I’m still new to this and haven’t seen this outside of pictures.
I just pulled them out to say goodbye.


LoL give them a nice funeral… Sucks. .

Now I know I am not the only one around here who has this type of lucks.

@James68, Lightbender might have some input to the fabre pots, these look like them or one similar.

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I love these fabric pots. Something I did as you can see in the pic is that there’s a pot inside a pot. At some point you’ll see the roots growing through the bottom so I figured they could also grow through the sides as well (and they will). I tried to take a plant out of one of these fabric pots and lost a lot of dirt. I’m sure that plant went through some shock. So the next time I needed to transplant I just filled the larger pot then tediously tucked soil in around the edges (between both pots). Use a stick to help get it all the way to the bottom.
I’ll never remove another plant from these fabric pots, just transplant pot and all. It’s working for me.

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thank you for the input, so they will break down in the soil by the sound of things ?..I am deviating from my normal choice of herb and going with Auto Afghanis and Auto Hindu Kush and I do not know if their root system is as tolerant as Auto Northern Lighjts when it comes to repotting, hence my concern.
James :man_farmer::rainbow::sun_with_face::zap:

No, the fabric pots don’t break down. They are washable and reusable. The roots will find a way through the fabric for sure.
I tried to re-pot a plant not long ago and it went to shock because it lost so much soil. The white pot in the top picture is a 3 gallon and the black one is a 5 gallon pot.
You have to shop careful is some respects because some brands are made with different deminsions. Some of the 5 gallon pots are the same diameter as the 3 gallon they are just taller to make up the 2 more gallons. That will work if you just want to add more soil below the roots.

Added afterwards…
I’d stay away from black if you plan to grow outside in warmer climates. The black will absorbe the suns heat.
If you get the white fabric pots they won’t stay nice and white for long. The stains will wash out when your ready to reuse the pot.
Handles on the pots… convenient but not completely necessary on the smaller pots.

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the advice I needed, thank you Lightbnder.

J68 :sunny:

I’ve got another plant in question. Tonight I noticed this one little flower pod (male I’m now guessing). This plant has been in flower for about 2 weeks now.
So is this a herm?

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Looks like a hermaphrodite to me, unfortunately. I’m sorry :frowning:

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As @elheffe702 said. Herm.

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