Is this a calcium deficiency?

So I am just a few days shy of switching to flower and upon defoliating a bit I noticed new spot on my leaf. I have been using the same tank for 13 days now and slowly ramped my ppm to 600 when topping off the reservoir. It does not look like the same burn I had when I nutes burned them so I think something is starting to drift in the wrong way. Could also be a small nute burn too.

What do y’all think? Using only the Canna Aqua product in my rez, being the Aqua Vega, Rhizotonic and Cannazym.

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I can’t answer that for you as I rarely have defeciency but I can tag bomb some help.
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Here’s a close view of the plant top. The newer leaf looks rather fine to me

interveinal spotting is a cal deficiency. Keep an eye on the growth above that, treat if necessary

Well where those leaves came from atleast

Are you using calmag?

@Grandaddy013 No I have not used any other supplement over my nutes yet.

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In hydro, you NEED CalMag. 2ml per gallon of water.


@Grandaddy013 Gotcha! I’m using Tap water, recommended by my nutes line, but have never been so long without a res change. The 3 girls have been drinking about 5L of water everyday in the 60L res so they might have used all the calcium available even with my refill every 2 days.

I just added some calmag to it, ppm went up by 225! It’s now at 790 way higher than I ever went. I will check on them closely!

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It will raise your ppm, but your girls will love you for it

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If you experience any problems, back off on your other nutes.

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