Is this a calcium deficiency? - Autoflower 2 1/2 week old

Thanks :pray:

Genetic variegation. Nothing to see here. C def would almost be impossible to achieve in a 2 1/2 week old plant FYI.


That;s a good one. Isn’t that a bubbler?

Wouldnt; we like to see the whole plant and serup? I would. As myfriend saud; It could be nothing. I would still ove to see the whole plant. :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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If it is confined to the lower leaves it’s probably nothing…



Calcium deficiency would have rust spots. This is a interesting leaf.

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I’m seeing a lot of this in a number of different posts. One thing to observe is he is using Blurple light. If you take it out from under the light I’ll bet it’s white spots. I think it’s White Powder Mildew which is caused by high humidity and low airflow. Then again its hard to tell without seeing the set up. Cat

Did you get any water droplets on it it can be a small sunburn if so. My humidifier was right near my plants and was condensing on some of the leaves and did the same thing. Like everyone said though while plant is a better idea.