Is this a Cal/Mag deficiency?

This is my 2nd grow and I’m still unsure of my troubleshooting skills. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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Where on the plant are they showing deficiency? On the newer upper growth or on the lower older growth? Looks like calcium def to me


At the top.

Cut it off looks diseased

I’m with @Thelaughingwolf it look like a calcium deficiency

Rust spots like that can also be mag def – best to treat both symptoms at same time. Most soils and nutes do not
have enough or any trace nutes - these trace ones are the ones that help everything else go.

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Thanks everyone.

I have 4 plants that have/had this problem but gave them all some Cal/Mag. I suppose if it were rust fungus (problem on my first grow) I would see it on all of them. I’m using RO water. Should I just add cal/mag to the RO water whenever topping off?

You can try adding cal mag to the water but I’ve never had any luck correcting deficiencies that way. My current grow I layered gypsum and Epsom salts into the soil mix and that has prevented any

You always need to add cal-mag when using R.O. Water.


OK…will from now on. Thank you

it look like a calcium deficiency
whats your pH?

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Thanks…growing hydroponic and using RO water. It was a Cal/Mad deficiency.

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