Is this a bug of somekind or what?

I am a first time grower and I have a sealed grow room with 36 plants from seedling to 1 week away from harvest. I have only seen a few fungus gnats a couple months ago, but nothing else and nothing since. Today on one of my plants I had an odd looking leaf. I zoomed in with my camera and my bud camera and this is what I saw. It never moved and I don’t see any legs on it.

Is this anything and what could have caused this. This is the only leaf that looked like this.


If a bug caused that damage, you won’t need to zoom to see it. That’s going to be a pretty big bug. Like caterpillar, beetle, snail type of big

It doesn’t look chewed to me . More like damaged. Was it rubbing or crowded ?

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Unless a cat chewed it…Looks like when my cat gets the munchies


They did just get moved from the Veg closet to the flower room, so I’m sure it happened then. If it weren’t for that weird looking thing I wouldn’t of thought anything about it, but since I’ve never seen an aphid or thirps I just wanted to make sure. Thanks to everyone for comments though

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Thanks!!! Didnt even notice :partying_face:

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