Is this a bud already?

I’m a beginner, but is this a bud already on May 15th? In the Southeast U. S.

I wasn’t expecting buds until late summer. Or is this something else.

Should I stop pinching?



Definitely flowering. It isn’t an auto correct?

OMG! Not supposed to be auto. That will be the last time I buy from that bank. I had other issues with them too.

Guess I’d better quit pinching those.

Thanks for your reply.

Could be just a tough transition. Did you plant it inside first then outside? Hopefully will re-veg.

I agree, looks like its flowering.

Shouldn’t it revert back to veg stage as days get longer and temps increase? Don’t think it’ll be that far if it is indeed a photo

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Germinated inside + 4 weeks. Transplanted about 4 1/2 weeks ago. Same with my other strain which is not doing this. Well s_ _ t!

Thanks for your replies folks. Live and learn I always say. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Now this one appears to be flowering too. A GSC Photo. Oh well! 3 photos blooming in May.!?

You must be close to 12/12 lighting where u r

Yours is an interesting point.

Prior to transplanting, I had them indoors at 18-6.

4-10-19 transplanted to outdoors. Day length here on 4-10-19 was 12 hrs 49 min.

Noticed the budding on 5-15-19. Day length here on 5-15 was 13 hrs 49 min.

Now (5-21-19) day length here is 13 hrs 56 min.

Will they re-veg?

What else could I have done for an outdoor grow?

By 6-15-19, day length will be 14 hrs 10 min.

12:12 here will happen on 9-27-19.

Unless they are autos they’ll reveg. You’ll lose some growth potential since they’ll stall a bit, but things should be fine.

I notice my outdoor plants begin to flower in mid August when available light drops below 14 hrs/day. Chances are they’re just responding to light changes.

If they are autos, you’ll just have an earlier harvest :+1:

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This article (below) explains my rookie F-up and what I should do next year.

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What should I do with these buds to encourage the girls to re-veg? Leave them? Take them off now? Take them off later? Ok to smoke?

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Leave them on. There will be shoots comming out of them

Please, if anyone that grows could help me. I’m 6 weeks into veg and i topped, but the new growth looks not even like cannabis leaves anymore, very mutated? what is this???

I guess my question about my May 15 photo initiating this thread has been settled. See picture. They are all LOADED.!

All is well!


That’s because it looked like normal topped plant