Is this a boy or girl, please help!


Strain is unknown- bag seed from friend. Need help determining if it’s a boy or girl. Took pics with phone the best I could, just ordered a jewelers loupe.






Looks female from that shot best place to look is along the stem by the nodes not the top growth



Still looks to be female to me buddy



@JoshawaM this is second time growing medicine. First plant was male and destroyed it. Just hoping this was a female. Been looking at other pics and since this is my first time seeing what I’m hoping is a female.


Imo you got a baby girl there i have been growing for years an have never had a male, i am breeding this year an have my first male ever switched with colidal silver method fixing to breed my own feminized seeds


Looks like female to me, a closer pic might help. I know if tuff to get some times. But just from the pics posted I’d say it’s a girl. A few more days a you’ll know for sure.

She looks good , could you tell us about her.


This should help you @Bshmstr


Which non legal state are you in buddy I’m dead center Oklahoma


@JoshawaM did you start a thread, and please tag me in it I’m wanting to try breeding and making fem seeds soon. I’ve found some info online and a few videos on utube, but not a whole lot. Also what strains are growing?


South Louisiana ,


Borderliner and strawberry kush fixing to breed both and cross breed them together for strawberry borderliner


I started a thread for my borderliner scrog but i will start one for the breeding process for you sp far so good doing it with my clones


Yeah I’d follow that thread closely,.
I’m waiting on strawberry cake to come in, kinda like the kush . I’m trying to get my ultimate strain just for me. Thinking an O.G. Based maybe all O.G. Find 4 or so I’m in love with and try it out.

What’s the borderline never heard of that one?


Tag me both. I don’t want to take up to much space on someone else thread on another topic. And I wanna check out the borderline as well.