Is this a Boron deficiency or something else?

I noticed this a day ago on one of my MK Ultras, outdoor in a mix of coco & perlite an currently in flower. Also I reckon it did have a phosphorus deficiency but the newer growth looks better since upping the amount of feeding. The other MKU is in identical setup with no issues & doing well which is a bit puzzling.

I have had similar on an outdoor grow @Sth61The420State , mate told me it was bird or bat piss that could have done it as it did not spread.

Hi @Hungrybud hope your keeping well.
Its possible it could be bird droppings but it would have to have been a skilled bird to crap on it. Got some boron just before so will see how it goes, probably should have got the all purpose trace elements mix again to cover all bases.
Edit. Its just not looking healthy.

Any holes in the stem?

Had a good look but couldn’t see any.
Hey I was in a hydroshop today I’d never been to before & I was asking him about different nutes an the Bio diesel you told me about recently he didn’t have very good things to say about it. He reckons it does something to the buds(can’t recall exactly) & the ash in joints is black instead of white. Wouldn’t know myself but he reckons steer clear of it BAC is much better.
Edit. He reckons it doesn’t have organic certification an contains non org additives.

He is full of it, i am smoking critical atm grown with the sensi nute tastes good to me, no nute taste at all!! He probably has better margins on the other products he sells, search for genuine reviews on it, willyj is using the same gear but the American equivalent both by Sensi.
It does do things to the buds…makes them grow bigger.

Its one of the better shops around but I considered that myself. Have to do some more research before I come to any conclusions on that one. Also generally where they have items situated in the shop is a clue to that one.
A pic of my GG. probably only a few weeks left on her.

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looking great mate :+1: below is a MOAB top cola grown on that terrible diesel, about a week to go.
Done under shitty lights cannot wait for my next light just accumilating the items to build it.

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Looking good. Is that tied up with anything or just free standing ?
And the thing with hydro shops is they all reccomend different things from my few experiences. Also the prices some of them charge makes them thieves & ya cant trust thieves.

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Free standing, the other branches below are spreading outwards with the weight of the buds the top cola is coming up to 45cm or 18 inches long.
Just to note i have had no problems with the grow of three diff strains with the sensi products, but the critical seemed to handle slightly more nutes than the MOAB and Hulk berry.

That’s what I thought, i need glasses.
I thought u weren’t a hydro grower, or I have I confused u with someone else.
An I have some old school HPS gear packed away with not much else needed but I can’t set it up here unfortunately.:unamused:

Yeh i have some old HPS never used it though, building a Solskin board light atm.
Looks like you are doing great outdoors, but it is good to grow indoors through winter to get them extra crops done.

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The HS guy said bio d grows good size buds but taste strange & burn a strange black color ??? Probably BS as u said.

My buds taste fine and burn the same as they always have with everything i have smoked, does he actually sell sensi?

Im looking to buy some Leds the HPS are just too power hungry. Power prices in Oz are a joke. Think we need a few nuclear power stations maybe ? Solar is good but no good when not much sun.

It was glandore hydro there online.
(Think I can mention that, if not will delete)

Yeh he does not stock it, and the new product is from Holland, just a big push on his new product but pretty unprofessional to bag an Australian made product.

Tell you what i will do i will purchase the minimum of the BAC product enough for one plant from seed to harvest and compare them, see what you have done LOL.

cheers mate.

While it would be good to compare them I wouldn’t worry too much about it. As u said yesterday it’s most likely them just putting it down to sell what brings in more profit.
And not putting it down myself just thought I’d mention what he told me as it did seem a bit out there.
(He could be correct about it not having organic certification but that doesn’t mean it contains inorganic ingredients)
And that problem with my MKU ain’t birdcrap cos more has appeared overnight on the upper leaves. Suspect it’s a deficiency of some kind given it’s growing in coco/perlite mix.