Is this a bad idea?

Will be starting a new grow soon and was wondering if using the “used” FFOF to start my seedlings in solo cups. As I have read FFOF being a little hot for seedlings would this "somewhat depleted " soil be ok??? Unintended consequences being what they are sometimes am I opening a can of worms in reusing this soil just for seedlings until transplant into 5gal containers. My thought process is the seedling don’t need much if anything as the seed contains everything they need at first. Am I missing some thing here.


I flush it good after harvest and use it with seedlings. No problems.


That’s what I’m thinking. But… trying to make sure I don’t cause a bigger problem trying to solve a minor one! LOL the flush is a good idea I think, thanks. I have a 5 gal pot of the used FFOF from last grow. Only need enough to fill 2 solo cups.


Lol yea its cool man. Just ‘rinse’ it down real good n remove any old roots

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I use a blend of seedling soil and old ffof in the beginning. If the ffof has been well flushed it’s pretty inert.

Lord knows I need to do something with the mountains of spent soil I’ve accumulated

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Yep, waste not, want not

At some point I’d like to figure out amendments to the old soil, but at this point it becomes landfill, some seedling soil, or planter soil for outdoor flowers.

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I use used soil for clones all the time. Never had an issue.