Is this 150W light adequate?

I’m only growing one plant in my closet… I bought this 150W HPS lamp from Amazon:

Should this be sufficient? I’ll have control over the height of the light at all times, and I have reflective material all around her. Thanks in advance!

It depends on what type of yeild your looking to get

Do you have a exhaust system? Heat may become a issue, just a thought because that will come into play as well

I grew one Northern Lights plant in a shower booth with reflective walls. I think it was about 31" x 31". I used a 400 watt HPS bulb and got 6 ounces of dry buds. 150 watts is going to be pretty weak. I think the smallest people use for one plant is a 250 watt.

I’m a newbie, growing white widow autoflower. Using Flower Power nutrients. I have a fairly large closet space in which I can raise and lower the distance of the lights, and have it surrounded with reflective materials all the way around the pot. I can also open the closet door if heat builds up, but I also have a fan in there. I was thinking the 150W would be okay for one plant… I don’t think I can put a 250W bulb in the unit I bought, so going up to 250W means buying a new light (just bought this one). BUT I will if it’s recommended. Growing this for personal use, but obviously, I’d like to get a decent yield.

Any other thoughts that would be somewhat economical? Can anyone recommend an HPS 250W grow lamp that won’t break the bank? Is there any chance I can use a 250W bulb in the lamp I have?

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I decided to take your advice and step up the lighting… ordered a 400W system with digital dimmable ballast (so i can plan to knock it down to 200W or 300W), plus it accommodates both MH and HPS. It has a cool tube reflector, but I’m not (yet) gonna try to figure out exhaust… has ability to add inline 6" fan, but my grow location isn’t close enough to any exterior. It’s my home office closet, so I’m gonna try to manage for now and see how much heat gets thrown off at 200 and 300W… may need to tweak later.

Thankfully I can still return the 150W unit.

Here’s what I ordered… any and all thoughts appreciated!

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I’m sure you will be happy with that light setup. 14 inches from the plant is about equivalent to full sun with 400 watts, so you might want to maintain that. WW auto is pretty small, so you could use some low stress training to get one plant to spread out or just start with four plants.

I would strongly recommend a fan pulling air out of that cool tube. If you just use it to warm up your office, that’s okay. But you don’t want your lamp to burn up and cook your plants. It can be an 8 inch desktop fan from Home Depot plus a little flexible duct and duct tape. Dirt cheap but it works fine. My wife likes the heat the lights generate to warm up the bedroom!

Hey 1BF, thanks for the input. The only thing is, I live in Miami and our AC runs all year :wink: So heating the room isn’t what I’d like. Even if I attached a fan, I have nowhere to vent a duct…but this closet is my only grow option. Since I’m really only interested in one plant, I was hoping to keep the wattage closer to 250. With this ballast I can dial it back 50% for 200W or 75% for 300w. I wanna try to avoid kicking off too much heat so I figure there’s a compromise in there?

Sure. Especially if you have a dinky strain like White Widow autoflower. Less light means smaller buds. If you just want a few ounces per grow, then by all means. But even at 200 watts, that uses some of your AC to remove the heat. Nothing is free.

If you need to control odor. you might want a fan and a charcoal filter. There is actually a way you can exhaust the heat, but you might not want to do it. If you get a two inch rubber hose you can push it through the water lock in your toilet and then you can vent gas to the roof vent. You can still use the toilet for liquids but for anything solid you have to pull the tube out. You could do the same thing with a washing machine vent if you have one that is unused.