Is there such a thing as a Hawaiian strain?

I remember Hawaiian herb from decades ago that had a unique, almost mystical effect and a flavor I can only describe as being somehow sweet and nut-like…

Whether it was called Kona or just “Hawaiian” it was different enough to be a standout in a lot of ways. There must be a lot of others out there who have experienced it - any idea if seeds exist for that?

The rumor was that it came from one of the islands that non-natives were not allowed on.

Maui Wowie? Ilgm carries that strain.


Maui Wowie is HERE? You’re sure?

How did I miss that…

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Wish I’d seen that before i sent for the autoflowers I have now - next batch though I predict are going to be that!

I was reminded of it watching the devastation in the islands from the volcano

(pray for those people, that thing is unpredictable and huge)


There is a strain called Hawaiian. But there are a bunch of others aswell, hawaiian OG, Hawaiia, Kush.
Here is the description of the Hawaiian strain.

Hawaiian is a mostly sativa hybrid that will give you a happy, vacation feeling. Creative but not so focused, this bud is great for a relaxing day. These light green buds have a sweet smell and taste that is not super potent but will bring to mind fresh tropical fruit.


Growing up In the 80’‘s there was some around that was called Hawaiian Sensimilla…it was a really light green and I’ve never smelled or seen anything like it since then…it was around most of the 80’'s and was gone


Julius Caesar is a tropical grown bud. Mostly Hawaii

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I remember there was a Kona Gold, but the island you are thinking of for natives only is Niihau. Kona is on the west coast of the big island. Lots of condos and tourists there with some primo snorkeling and diving spots. Each Hawaiian island has a wet side and a dry side. Wet side is probably too wet for good outdoor grows. The best weed is going to come from upcountry (up a volcano) where it doesn’t get quite so hot. Those areas tend to be more rural so people can actually grow in secret.