Is there something wrong with these plants?

This time I used 1 gal flimsy plastic pots and pre cut them so I could just snip the two “hanger ons” leave the perforated bottom in the next pot up and just pull the rest of the smaller pot out of the big pot and new soil! Sound like a winner. Haha? Sometimes I outsmart myself! Again thank you guys for all your help. I’m just getting to my photo grow it’s been just under 2 weeks. 11 of the 15 seeds I bought from ilgm have sprouted. For some reason only one of the LSD strain sprouted. I bought the DEA pack. Gr. Cr, LSD, and Chem D. I did them all exactly the same so who knows. I will definitely be asking questions every day so I hope no one gets annoyed!
At what point do I transplant from cup to pot. They are all about the same size

image image

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Many here that put seedlings in plastic solo cups use the clear ones to plant in so they can see the roots and then use a red one on the outside to keep light off the roots…I hate plastic and avoid as much as I can …so I use cow pots.
Once the plants leaves are at/extending past the sides of cup that will key you into moving them up.
Looks like they have another couple weeks yet but depends on how fast they grow and one can be faster than another even if same strain.
You do have drainage holes on the bottom and lower sides of those cups correct.

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No I didn’t but I do now!

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@Skydiver how much will you yield with the one pot 3 plant configuration?

That is definitely my next move if I’m successful with this go round

It will vary. My first use of those were with Autos that got stunted when seedlings due to starter soil Ph being too low and caused problems with them losing some time growing in veg before they started flowering. I had 2 of the 45 gallon pots each with 3 Autos…can’t remember the yield but wasn’t bad but wasn’t phenomenal either and still had plenty of room in them for more plant or growth as they weren’t covered…soil wasn’t covered with branches like the middle one is now.

Autos do what they want when they want but Photos you have control as to when they flower and if issues you can extend veg time to correct issues.

This go I have 3 of the 45 gal pots with 3 photos in each.
The one in the middle has 2 gold leaf and 1 blue dream and they are getting huge and are the youngest planted about 30 days after the other 6. The other 6 I had in there with a couple photos that were finishing up and those went into flower and had to reveg back from flower so that really stalled them out but are now coming along.

My guess … and it’s only a guess is that those 2 gold leaf will probably end up yielding about 12 Oz dried in the end and the Blue dream will get 4-6 Oz dried but again it’s kinda early to know…just a guess. Again if I veg them longer they get bigger and usually end up with higher yields so you have to decide how long/big you let them get and if the increase in yield is worth that vs flipping earlier and getting more harvest per year etc.
If I had it to do over again those gold leaf could have each been in their own 45 gal pot and would have covered it…right now I’m fighting keeping them within reason footprint wise between each other and the other one in there and the other pots.

A couple grows ago I used 7 gal pots and with 7 photo plants I yielded about 3 1/4 to 3 1/2 Lbs dried combined but I also had 2 autos in there as one of the photos ended up being a male.

An idea of them above link

I’ve gotten 8 dry from an Auto in 3 gallon pots and I’ve got 3 dry from Auto in 45 gal pots…just saying

Gotcha. Tag me once in your journal so I can watch plz

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Click on the above link…takes you to my journal then when at last post made there is an option just below on left to set to watching…or 2 other settings

I am using the same journal for all grows moving forward to keep things in one thread…except my first journal…

I just got this too. Chemdawg is one I’ve been wanting to try.

@Skydiver gave you some good advice.


If you think you have any kind of deficiencies, pH problems this stuff will help.This stuff is amazing, I kid you not it works as advertised you will see overnight results my own experience I did! it was crazy!!!

@BRFarming420 is that a tea or just something to mix in with your regular water? I seen that on amazon for 30 bucks

It’s just something that you mix in with your water I was blown away by the results.

Three day gap from the first pic to the second one.

Wow I’m gonna try that lol

I even tested it on my hemp plants they went berserk! Uploading: 3919B281-A2D1-4134-B4A0-593CB4167505.jpeg…

A little help @Myfriendis410 @dbrn32

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Two different plants. Top 2 young plant, bottom 2 slightly older plant. Is it a boy for the top 2 pics and is it a hermie for the bottom two? I have segregated for the time being. Those plants were in with a flowering plant, did I do any damage?

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Too early to tell in my opinion. Last pic kinda looks like pistil on one side and sack on the other, but that could just be an early bract too.

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At what point do they become a contamination to the others? @dbrn32

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