Is there something wrong with my seedling?

I planted my seeds July 16, I know it hasn’t been very long but my other three seedlings are already over an inch tall while this one looks like it hasn’t progressed after the first two days at all.

Just concerned and wondering if I can do anything to help this girl along.

I’ve attached a few pics of her.

I should add that I am colour blind so I have a very difficult time judging any deficiency my plants may be having.

My guess is you’re over watering. I fell victim to this too. No need to spray. Just let the soil dry out (4-5 days) then water with 1/2 cup of pH’d water.


I usually just give them all a very light spraying twice a day. The soil always looks dried out when I do water. Do you still think that’s too much?

Yes. Lift the cup and feel for some weight what indicates moisture. Did you poke drain holes? Look in those and see if it still looks moist.

Check out this thread, it’s long but where you’re at should be covered in the first 100 posts.


@Classybanana, looks about the same as my Sour Diesel that I planted a few days earlier. Mine sprouted on the 16th. Here is what it looked like on 7/16, 7/19 and 7/20

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Looks very similar. Thanks for the info @Eyes_of_the_World

I’ll check it out now


I only have my 440cfm fan exhausting air out of the tent so far. No carbon filter attached yet. Should I have my little clip on fan running now to blow some air around?

Air Movement will help strengthen the stem. Don’t blast it. But make her leaves wiggle.


@NeoGroR Okay cool, thanks. Turned on the mini fan.

I’m exhausting the air out thru ducting into the grow room instead of like an attic or window. Is this okay to do?

Sounds like you’re recirculating the same air. I’m an advocate of fresh air.

Watch your temps.



Hey Hellraiser. I’ve started following your grow journal and you’ve got some amazing info! Thanks for doing that.

I’ve posted a few pics above. I’ve been watering daily with a garden sprayer very lightly but the soil looks dry and cups feel very light after just 5 hours. The hieght of my light is 24inches with an LED. Am I under watering since it drys out so fast? Or should I just let them dry out for a few days then spray a little water again?

I’m exhausting air out of the tent and the ducting is not out a window or attic or anything, just hanging/pointing down at the tent so shooting the exhausted air back into the grow room. Is this a huge issue I should try to resolve?

Thanks in advanced.

P.s I hope you don’t mind me tagging you

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Hey Classybanana,

I’m not a fan of the “spray multiple times a day” method, makes it too easy to over water and stunt your sprouts. I’d let it dry out til the cup feels about empty, give it 4-5 oz of water, let that dry out until cup is very light (may take 4-7 days), and repeat as needed. The soil should be watered fully (not just a little) and then allowed to dry, think wet/dry cycles, keeping them constantly moist is a recipe for disaster - over watering, damping off, slow and stunted growth.

About the ventilation, ideally you want warm air to be exhausted away from the tent so it can draw in fresher air. This becomes more of an issue as the plants get bigger. If just recycling the same air, you’ll have more trouble controlling temperature and humidity and CO2 levels will quickly get depleted as well. The smaller the room the grow tent is in, the more of a problem it can be.

I don’t mind at all and good luck with your growing.


@Hellraiser I adjusted the tent so it vents into the closet so hopefully that helps somewhat.

My temp is almost 27 celsius. Any recommendations on how to cool the tent? RH is 45-47 right now so that is okay I think.

Also here’s a new pic of the seedling that I’m not seeing make any progress. Being colour blind I can’t tell if something’s wrong. Any chance you wouldn’t mind checking it out?

I think you’re keeping the soil too wet for that seedling. let the soil in the cup get nice and dry before watering again.

Cooling options should start with trying to move more air out of the tent by using a stronger exhaust fan, once that is maximized and if still too hot, then need to look at cooling the room the tent is in with AC.

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Will do. Thanks for helping a newbie

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These are the other girls I planted at the same time, same conditions and everything.

Do they look okay/healthy? This is 6 days since I planted the popped seeds.

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They’re a bit droopy, also signs of over watering, but can easily be fixed by not watering too often or too much. Let them dry up well (cup will be very light), give a little water, let dry, repeat as needed.

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Okay perfect that’s what I was gonna do to these ladies since that’s the advice you gave me for the little girl that’s not growing as much as these ones.

Gonna wait 36-48 hours before watering

Is it not weird that they are still so small after almost a week?

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Over watering really slows down growth, here’s how my sprouts look after a week, without over watering. The 2 large ones are 7 days old there, the little one is a few days younger and different strain.

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