Is there something wrong with my plants?


Hello everyone, my first time posting. Recently I noticed a couple of spots on the leaves of my plants that seem kinda of rippled or baggy? It’s probably nothing but just thought I’d ask. Thanks everyone


Im just wondering if it’s the start of something happening? Just barely visable in the picture


HOw close are your lights and whats the temp in your tent.


Using 600 watt led and had them at 8inches away from them and the temp is always around 24 c or 75 f degrees


The lights can raise the light a bit. You plants are nice and squat, so they aren’t stretching for light. I have gotten wavy leaves before from being close to my LED when really young like that at about 6" from a 45W LED. There was no real damage as far as I could tell.


Okay awesome! Thank you