Is there anything that can be done about mold in the final product?


I haven’t harvested yet but I want to be prepared. Mold is a big issue, as I see, and I do live in a fairly wet area, so I would like to have y’all’s thoughts on the best way to prep, dry/cure and store that final produce that we all are working so hard for.
also can anyone confirm a Ol’ hippies’ tale for me, I was told that if for some reason you do have mold in jar of bud you can put the peels of the skin of carrots in with the bud and the enzymes in the peel will kill off the mold? been told that is the same reason carrots don’t get mold because they grow underground.


I’m in the same situation you are usually always humid and mold issues I like using paper bags to dry 3 to 4 days you can tell by the way they feel don’t want it to crunchy. Then I put in jars open the next day to check to make sure there moisture came out of the middle of the buds sometimes I have to put back in a bag for another day and then back into jars and then I burp every day for a few weeks


cool, kinda like with tomatoes


Like all herbs that you dry and then consume they require decent airflow and low humidity. I recommend buying an herb drying rack that is a suspended netting with zipped enclosure…make sure you don’t mound the bud on top of eachother to prevent wet spots (future mold). If you don’t want to do that you could cut the plants and hang branches upside down on a string buds pointing down.

I’ve also seen people use large mason jars without the metal insert for lid and instead use a paper towel on top of opening then screw retainer ring over towel. Allows moisture to breathe and escape through top and keep out anything foreign.


I have a dehydrator, and before the knives come out, NO I would not dehydrate flowers. BUT the 9 racks are evenly spaced, no dust can get in, and racks can be removed as needed to make room. It also has a setting where you can run the fan without heat.



Hope this helps


Fungus is another problem when you are in flowering, because they are susceptible to a fungus or bud rot. Growing conditions for fungus are best when temps are between 60 and 80 degrees and the humidity is high. The fungus is very destructive and spreads quickly. These kinds of fungus are air borne and can travel to other bud sites. If you already have been infected by them the best thing you can do is cut off and remove the infected area and then discard out of the grow area, then get a hold of some anti-fungal spray and apply.

Fungi can kill your crop quick, so invest in some SAFE fungicide and spray down the plants as much as you can and as soon as you can. The faster the safer… If you have had problems with fungus before, do NOT spray them you will contribute to the fungus becoming resistant to the spray/chemicals you are using. Try to keep the humidity down to the range fungus do not grow to well in. Keep a good amount of ventilation around your grow, and if you have plants outside, always keep them quarantined away you’re your indoor plants until you know they are safe.

Most fungicides are very nasty and eating them can be very dangerous so its best to use something on them that is safe on plants that you can eat., Safer makes a very safe product that can be found in most stores and hydro shops. it contains only sulfur in solution. Here is a picture of what bud rot looks like when it starts to form.

To control to prevent fungus from forming there are a few things you should do.

DO NOT foliar feed at night, tends to make humidity higher rather than when you water in the day the water has time to evaporate where at night will linger in the air.

Same goes for watering plants at night, wait till the morning or afternoon to water!

Keep a happy plant and will not become prone to infections. Checking plants often can aid in getting rid of any fungus that may attack other leaves and or bud!

Have a lot of air going around the plants for bad ventilation= sick plants and a breeding ground for spores!

Keep leaves away from soil making sure they do NOT touch the soil.

Keep cooler temps at night while plants are on there down time.

If you have already gotten some kind of fungus there are things you can use: neem2, neem oil works wonders!! Potassium Bicarbonate, Baking soda and for other chemical agents you can use Plant Shield, Serenade and pythium! There are many other chemicals and organics that work but these are the most popular and they work very very well!

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Thankx @garrigan65 @Whodat66 @HighDesertFarmer @Hogmaster
Y’all have given me a lot of food for thought on one of the few matters that I was leery about.
Hats off to ya :stuck_out_tongue: & thankyou so very much!


Regarding ol hippie tale. I’ve had bags of oranges mold on me and then some that dried out and never molded…
Also the FDA has approved a fungicide for oranges maybe some of these hippies oranges were laced.

Lol somehow oranges = carrots. Ignore me.
I can confirm carrots mold. I use them as treats for rabbits and if they stay humid they will mold.


It’s a conspiracy I tell you!


lol :laughing: that makes my day, thank you. I have those “squirrel” moments too. but I hear ya lol


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