Is there any reason to use air layering over clones?

I’m just asking this because it seems like the plants shoot out roots fast, (non pot) parent plant and cutting do vey well after. My thought was if it takes the same amount of time to get roots with cloning (no idea) and air layering, you’ll be planting a much more established new plant with the layering.
I’ve noticed how well some plants do with this style of propagating and I’d like to understand why it may not make sense at all.

Actually there are several benefits to air layering I have tried it in the past with good results. Some of the main bonuses it doesn’t effect your plant count until they are cut from mother it is fed and supported by mother until you are ready to plant it so lower failure rate. There can’t be good without bad it is an open wound and can be site for infection of mother the mother is providing for it which adds to her stress.
I prefer to clone but if having soil or root issues it can be a cure


That all makes sense, mainly the plant count! Thanks for the quick reply