Is there any advantage to flowering fewer, more mature plants vs more numerous younger ones?

Is there any advantage to flowering fewer, more mature plants vs more numerous younger ones? Is the extra time spent vegging for bigger plants worth it (if your canopy space is filled either way)? Is there any difference in yield and quality between the two strategies?


In my travels my medical photo i veg in 20 gal long. Last girl netted couple pounds dry. I have auto and smaller photo going during the big veg. For yields sake the big veg was well worth it to me. Huge buds…lotsa popcorn for my oils. And just great fun looking at a monster plant. Filled a 3x3 wall to wall. No lst or scrog just fimmed.


I am a firm believer that the extra bit of time in veg is well worth the rewards.
I will be able to prove it or disprove when my 8x4 tent is done. Last round I had 8 plants in 15 gallon pots this time I’m using the same pots same plants clones but have 5 instead I have a log of the take on the last grow to compare with this round. I will report my findings when I find them lol😎


I agree with this approach but I’ve asked commercial growers why they grow small plants and the answer i’ve gotten is that they’re looking for fast turn-around. They’re trying to squeeze in more harvests. My gut still tells me it’s better to grow longer with fewer harvests.


It also depends on what your state/country allows. I have a 4 plant legal limit, so I prefer photos and let them veg for a couple months. That being said, I have 1 auto just for a quick turnaround so I don’t run out!
In the “old” days tho (late ‘80’s, well before legalization!), we tried for the fastest turnaround. Trying for 70 days start to chop, I could get 32 in a 6’x6’ room under a 1000w metal halide lamp. Never do that again, probably still have burn scars on my back trying to water the back row!


Was there any difference in quality and/or overall yield? I’ve got about 1.5 x 2ft space, so trying to maximize yield without sacrificing quality. Thanks!

Sorry for the late reply @Thumos , just woke up!

Again, it depends on your situation and what you are allowed to grow. If everything is illegal, then it doesn’t matter…you could try 1 plant and let it get a decent size and then flip, and if you get “busted” it’s only 1 plant and they might give you a warning. If you are legal for up to say 6, I’d do 6 and keep them small and flip 'em fast! It also would depend on whether you are buying seeds or getting free clones! At $10/seed, you might not want to grow 6, just 1 at a time. A lot of things to think about.

As far as differences in yield…you’re asking my brain to remember back 30+ years??? And back then it was under metal halide lights, not LEDs. We didn’t have as good nutes for canna like we do now either. Nor did we have the variety of strains like we do, some which can flower fast which is what we were trying to do. Had no autos back then either (not that I’d heard about, I was buying clones back then).

If I only had a small tent like yours, I’d try 2 autos, leave the light on 20/4 schedule the whole run.

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