Is there an issue with my seedlings?

First grow germinated 2 Alaskan purple autos and 2 zkittlez autos. All 4 grew decent tap roots. One of the zkittlez never sprouted and looked as if the seed died the other zkittlez looks deformed but I can’t make out what’s going on with it. And also one of the Alaskan purples just look a little droopy I’m not sure if it’s normal or not for a 2 day old seedling. Included are pics of both

Alaskan Purple


Make sure your not watering to much, soil looks wet, you can put a small dome over them and spritz with water

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Do you have any idea of what’s wrong and is there anything I can do to save this seedling? @Tinman.

It’s about 8 days old

Let them dry out, u can put a clear dome over them, only spritz with water bottle 2 to 3 times a day. Too much water and you will get fugus gnats, iam on my first grow and i am not a expert

That is the shell on there , u can gently remove it with tweezers

Sorry updated pic didn’t load

What kinda of soil are u in, and only water right?


He can help

Yes so far just distilled water ph 5.8-6.0 @Tinman
And I’m using a coco/perlite mix

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Little out of my league, wait for one of these fine folks to help @Myfriendis410 @Oldguy

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Lol I appreciate the help so far @Tinman

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Iam in soil, and don’t want to stare you in the wrong direction

I can leave you something to look at while you wait

its my first and cant wait to harvest

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I don’t use co co but I second the misted domes. That drop of water on the tops shouldn’t be left on under the light. It will magnify the intensity and could cause a burn. Maybe just wick it off with a q tip or similar.
Good luck with ur grow.:v: