Is there a way to up root a plant?


Hey everyone, I was wondering one if my plants isn’t getting enough light I think and was wondering if I was careful enough if I could take it out of the ground and back into a 5 gallon bucket? Would it be a good idea or no?


Realtree … how old are the plants? Will you be able to put the pots in a sunny location? I started a couple of seeds in the ground after digging huge holes for them and potting in potting mix. A few weeks later I could tell they weren’t going to get enough sunlight where I planted them. I carefully dug them up and put them in 8 gallon pots and moved them into the sun. They grew to be about 6 feet tall!

Best of luck transplanting them. Maybe one of the guys knows of fool-proof way to do it so you don’t lose the plant.



Good questions. How big? Can we get a picture?



Realtree … your plant is pretty big. I’m not sure what size pot to put it in. You might not be able to tell until you dig it up and see how big the root ball is. It would most likely thrive in a sunnier location. Just be careful not to smash the roots with your shovel. I was surprised by how big the root ball was on my plants.

Hopefully, someone will be along who knows more than I do.


Well it was about 5 inches smaller when I put it in the ground and the root ball then unraveld to be about 4 and a half feet long thought it was crazy just scared to hit any roots with the shovel. And the ground is pretty hard


Can you soak the ground first, then wait a bit to start digging it out? Just start with a really wide circle around the plant and dig deep as well until you can find the roots. I think you’ll do just fine … the plant will love being in a sunny spot.


Just dug her up today I hope she is gunna be fine I put her into a 5 gal bucket but now in the spot I have her in she will get all day sunlight so I’m hoping it will work and I hope I didn’t stress her out to much