Is there a way to help start the flowering process?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have a white widow auto and a gold leaf auto in a grow tent, currently at week 6 heading n week 7 and these plants are monsters taking up the whole tent (good thing) however there they have not started flowering yet - is this normal? And when is a common flower time? Is there a way to help start the flowering process? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Autos have their own rhythm. They flower when theyre ready.


You should join us on the forum we will help are you sure the goldleaf is a auto :wink: you can help trigger buy putting under a 12/12 light schedule


GL in a Grow tent without some HST or other would be my first concern. The flip will make her burst…

2 golden pieces of advice

Join us here. Loads of awesome information and helpful experienced growers.

And look into training. Most plants double their height after the flip. So lst, topping, cropping (super n regular) should all be researched n considered to maximize spacing. That GL especially has had some insane grows.

Well 3 pieces. As CB said 12/12 the lighting should give autos (notorious for doing ‘their own thing’ in timing) a nuce shove into flowering.

Good luck. N hope you join us. Would love to see photos of the girls

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