Is there a such thing as non-munchy weed?


Hi All! This is my first time at the forum and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my WW seeds so I can start my first legal grow (my state legalized it!). I have a small 3’ x 3’ x 5’ grow tent up and running (I’m currently healing a sick plant in it) so I know that I can maintain temp, humidity, soil, fertilizers, strong enough light and PH levels.

My question is…is there such thing as a strain of weed that doesn’t give you the munchies? My a$$ is big enough as it is and destroying a large bag of chips per flight isn’t what I’m looking forward to. I’m highly interested in CBD strains, because of a blown back, and my doctor is hell bent on either making me an pain pill addict or destroying my kidney’s with all of the meds I’m on. After much research, I’ve decided to try this path…besides, I fondly remember the smooth rides following a joint pass in the bleachers of a Friday night football game in my youth.

I’ve been lurking this forum for the last couple of weeks and it seems like a very friendly and outgoing group so I figured I’d chime in.


Welcome to the community and I don’t think White Widow will be the one to help with the ass it is definitely a munchies kinda bud . That would be a nice strain to find though


Blue Dream strain … you can also look up on " leafly" you can see a lot of strains. Hope this was helpful


Blue Dream? I’ll look into it. I’m still overwhelmed by the variety of strains that are available!! When I was in high school it was either Mexican Brown or a mystery strain that smelled like hay but no one could afford it. Thank you


lol mexican brown weed that smells like hay…ive had some of that before back in the day, weed so shitty it becomes a chore or even a difficult task to feel the effects…luckily i have a good connect even the reggie is good most of the time,…\

weed with no munchies, now that would be a great idea, its happened to me before but it was probably some odd strain of mexican weed


I think a lot also involves individual chemistry. Most strains that I smoke suppress my appetite.

Be careful with Leafly reviews. Not very accurate IMO. I like it for strain parentage, but not the reviews.

I hope you find a strain that works for you. Pharmaceuticals will destroy you. It’s my only fear with MMJ. What happens when “Big Pharm” gets involved?

Herbs of the field…God’s medicine!..


I agree, Florida Son. I lost my Dad in 2014 due to his cardiologist and urologist prescribing all kinds of meds and not cross checking each other. He thought he was doing the right thing by doing what he was told by the doctors…he ended up with ruined kidney’s and a failed heart. I fear I’m going down the same road; the pills aren’t doing a damn thing for the pain, my eyesight is shot, all of these weird little “things” are happening to me that I can’t justify to anything other than the pills.

I have a sister with MS and a brother with Lupus, neither are getting relief from their meds…maybe I can stumble onto something that can help us all. Maybe my experience with growing tomatoes with help me with my new basement garden.


Y’know, I actually have lost weight since becoming a regular smoker. I find that I drink more coffee and don’t get hungry much at all. I think pot has value as a weight loss drug, seriously! I’m smoking indica strains, WW and Blueberry right now, that might be part of it. Normally, I can’t have over two cups of coffee a DAY, but when I’m smoking a good, strong indica, I can burn through two POTS of coffee in a day! I lost about 35 pounds when I first got my medical card in Cali, over a period of about 6 months.


Patience is always key. I believe, personally, that God provided us everything we need for our health. Fresh foods and herbs.

My wife used to get mad at me for letting weeds grow. I showed her benefits of plants most people call weeds and she stopped.

Lawns didn’t become a thing in America until the 50’s. Pretty, but we destroy beneficial plants to grow something only beneficial to cattle and then get stressed about mowing! Lol

Alien Kush is causing me to ramble.

The hardest thing for most people to get past is how quickly the pharmaceuticals act. Natural care takes longer. We’ve become an instant access society. Not many people have the will to wait.

Watching my elders, I learned. The medical field will destroy your body with promises of extending your life.

By their fruits you will know them…


I’ve recently connected something for you to consider drinking that much coffee. I get it because I’m like you with smoking and coffee.

I suffer from chronic Gout which is a severe form of rheumatoid arthritis. My pH is pretty acidic. My urine turned a litmus test strip white. Don’t know what that is, but I know I’m acidic.

The water I drink is bottled with a pH of 10 as a preventative from flares which can be crippling sometimes.

Our pH is just as important to us as the plants we love…


You got me thinking, Florida Son; I really enjoy a hot cup of coffee when I’m relaxing and enjoying the day so I went out and resupplied my coffee supplies in anticipation of “the day”. However, I’m still waiting on seeds. At least I have my coffee!!!


They’ll be worth the wait.


how long to orders normally take to get here? have you ever had an order intercepted?


Mine have always been right at the 2 week mark


Mine also took two weeks


Maybe I’ll get lucky tomorrow, my grow room is all set up and I’m able to maintain light, Ph, humidity and temp. Since it’s really cold here and my basement is pretty cold, I was worried about the temp maint. However, I saw a video on YouTube of a guy that hooked up a space heater to a reptile thermostat and it maintains a 1 +/- degree range in my 3’ x 3’ x 5’ tent. I also put a open bowl of water in front of the heater so the humidity stays fairly even too. I’m so excited to get started, I can barely contain it!


@super_newby Bwahahaha I was exactly like that waiting on my first seeds get used to the feeling you are friggen ALWAYS waiting on something doing this . First the seeds then the germination then the seedling trying to figure out when to start the transition to 12 12 lighting etc. etc.etc.etc… it is a never ending waiting game brother and as soon as you get it all off the wish list you will find that you missed something. I now have so much that I am thinking about trying to figure out where to put a second tent lol


I’m already thinking about a second tent and I haven’t grown a damn thing yet! Growing weed is the only addictive aspect OF weed.


I’m not sure about that.

If I don’t smoke on a regular basis, my personality begins to match my profile picture!

Did you think that was make-up?? That was just me on the hunt for some bud after being out for two days!!! :imp:


Well itsn25 days later but thanks caught me off guard still laughing!!, I resemble that remark