Is there a strain that’s is mold resistant either sativa or indica that would suit my growing habitat?


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I’ve bought seeds from other online banks and had a decent turn out( not anywhere close to the turn out what it described on the package but I know that has to do with the growing conditions an experience the grower has). My question is why do the regular seeds cost more than the feminize seeds especially if the fem are more sought after? I’m not looking for a specific strain. I’m more looking for a strain that’s suitable to where I’m growing. I live in Near the ocean in pei Canada. The summer time is usually fairly dry here and in the fall it rains every second day. Had too cut my sour jack & white widow plants early last year because mold was starting to become a serious issue. That really affected the sour jack. So is there a strain that’s is mold resistant either sativa or indica that would suit my growing habitat? I tried some train wreck auto flowers last summer too they finished alright cut then in July still lost some too mold.”


You may want to try an indoors grow! Lots of helpful growers here to steer you in the right direction! You should join the forum!


We had mold issues with superskunk, drunk skunk, and skunk#1, but starwberry kush in same gardens had ZERO mold and zero pest issues. Didnt produce as much but after what we lost to mold it about evened out. But i have to say tje strawberry kush is a treat to trim. Very little leaves compared to bud ratio. And the smoke is pretty and smells and tastes great after a good cure, and it is a very stony high! Joint of this gets me cheesy eyed, lol. Hope it helps, bc of his area and rain maybe a fast auto would be good. Smaller plants so maybe a few of them. But they grow so fast mold isnt usually an issue


Thanks for the tips on the strains I’ll definitely check em out
I was surprised too when I was cutting off buds in mid July on my auto flowers n it it was the biggest n nicest buds too lol


Ur absolutely right
But I live in a small house with an angry wife lol
I’m in the process of getting a stainless steel box made with an air tight door


@Douce check into a grow tent. Better than a steel box since the environment will be easier to control!


Are they air tight as well ?
N what about the intake and exhaust


@Douce yep! They have openings that can be closed or opened for intake and exhaust! Lined with reflective lining and all!