Is there a special way to grow autos?

I’m following instructions. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t screw up. I have 2 lowrider#1’s in seedling stage and have stopped growth at the 3rd set of leaves. One is in Apot4pot 2gal kit. The other in half coco and half happy frog. I’m thinking of pulling one to see if i under watered them. 5 almost 6 days no new growth.

At 2 gallons I’d give them about 1/4 gallons of water every 3-5 days that early, are you making sure to ph your water to 6.5ish, and lastly they need roughly 500-700 ppfd/par of light at that size


Thank you. My ppfd for them is 360 to 430 other than that: Yes , my soil ph was at 6.6.for my coco / happy frog mix. I watered with 6.3 ph water, 1.4 e.c’s .
Going to lower the light a little.

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Best of luck mate I had a super rocky start for my zkittles they were super stunted from mess ups but when they grow THEY GROW( pics 3 5 and 7 weeks!

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Patience is definitely a virtue in gardening.


How long have they been stalled out? If just a week or two they may be focusing on root development and the tops will start growing soon enough.

If you think you did damage to the root zone you may want to try adding one of the many products that stimulate root growth.

If nothing else works you could try feeding them. Of course these are all wild guesses, filling out a grow ticket and taking some photos would be helpful.

Watering is also important while I water to run off now, I started with watering with a spray bottle until I got the hang of it. Generally they only requires about 5 ml of water a day most of the moisture is absorbed thru the leaves with seedlings. I wouldn’t recommend watering to runoff starting out .there are ocassions where I have lost a few that stalled and never grew most of the time they are ilgm seeds go figure.


Like @SKORPION said I wouldn’t water to run off until they’re bigger like in preflower/flower.

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Seedling tent.