Is there a nutrient app for Android?.......Found

This may seem off the wall but I’m looking for an app that will help with nutrient conversion. For example: My drain to waste chart says use 5ml of said nutrient to 1 gl of water. I don’t need to mix that much. I’m looking for an app that would let me mix, say, 1 qt and then tell me how much of said nutrient to add. I know I can do the math myself but I’m sure at some point I’ll screw it up. Especially if mixing multiple nutrients into one feeding. Anyone know of one?

I have an empty feeding chart for my nutrient line that I can use but at certain points I’ll be using more water and adjusting nutrient amounts.

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I did a little searching this morning and found an app called Recipe Calculator by easicorp. It’s free and seems to do basic calculations for me. Pretty straightforward and not full of a lot of junk.

If anyone has any others feel free to weigh in. This looks like it will do the trick though.