Is there a market for marijuana bonsai plants you think?

So people go crazy over their grows. People also go nuts over bonsai trees. I’m wondering do any of you think there is a market for these? I printed out a pot for one of them. Let me know what you think. Thanks everyone.


If Craig’s list has taught me anything it’s that there’s a market for absolutely anything.


The thing with a bonsai tree is it doesn’t die in a couple months.

But what your talking about would make a great gift which I’m sure people would buy.

The skull pot is awesome !! Lmao it is literally Skull Pot

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Nice! You got way too much extra time and space! Lol!! We already got those lowryder bonzi autos lord do we really need more?

Just kidding, there maybe a few out there looking for such with deep pockets. But realistically probably a very tiny market.


What do you give to pot head who has everything I think it’s brilliant


There are a few here that are doing bansai if I’m not mistaken… @Randy_Marsh You can keep a regular photo period cannabis plant in eternal veg if done correctly. It involves lots of bending, twisting, re-potting, torture, bondage, etc… but its definitely possible and plenty are doing it
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Yeah I have invested a quite some time reading about it so I have tried several things now in my second plant much smaller , just got to training a lil late again `

(Bonsai my weed - training room - #48 by Randy_Marsh)

Will still have to start over but every time I get more understanding of how to manipulate this plant :seedling:, I was able to manage to make sure leave stayed small , next step bending

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