Is there a good water only recipe for seed to harvest

Im curious if there is a way to grow from seed to harvest with water only…has anyone ever done this and if so how did you do it…was there anything major issues along the way…how was the end result…and what was used in the soil mix to accomplish the water only grow


Good evening :blush: You need to visit with @MeEasy. He has been growing with Earth Dust, and has helped a lot of us to also grow with it. I’m on my first grow with it and I am very happy. Happy Growing :blush::v:


Earth Dust. Anything you need to know is on thread mentioned above. All the successes…mistakes…adjustments…everything you need to grow great out the gate.

All ED.


I am using Earthdust this outdoor grow and love it! Cook some soil, two applications and keep the soil moist.


Exactly what they said… :muscle::100:


Awesome thanks im not having the best of luck with feeding my girls so im definitely going to look at earth dust.thanks everyone for your time


Just jumped on board the Earth Dust train and have no complaints

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I was at the grow store yesterday and asked the same question…they recommended coast of main organic soil stonington blend…just dont start your seedlings in it because it will kill it…so start it in regular soil from seed…i bought a bag of it myself…

Road side organics out of Oklahoma has a product called highway dust that i believe is similar
I just recieved my first order.
A little late to the show but better late then never i guess!

Our first harvest ever, water only, ILGM banana kush auto just went into a grove bag to cure. We bought the 5 gal superb soil from

This 5 gal kit has your fabric pot, trimming scissors, two attatchable I Phone camera lense, watering spout and spraybottle, stickers and good instructions that come with a forum and superb soil.

Gets better, 5 gal was 100.00, after our first seed purchase, we got 15% off from Ilgm to p4p.

So our first p4p was 85.00 with goodies. P4p shipped, we received 40.oo coupon from p4p for ILGM SEEDS.
I just used august coupon from pot for pot for a wife stocking stuffer, 5 ILGM Wedding Cake Auto seeds. To show that us old farts can use new math, 99.oo - 40.oo = 59.00 or 12.oo a seed and with free shipping, my grand total is $59.00.

The water only p4p yielded 3 ounces at 8 days hanging. Now in grove bag.

How ever you decide you have this forum to help along the way. Good luck.

Ps. The banana kush is toking fire, has to be, we grew it. Not shabby for water only and just watching. Patience is …