Is there a doctor in the house?


Strain; White widow, mama mia, Jack Herer

Organic Soil in pots

System type? Cheap indoor grow


Light system, size? LEDs and CFLs
Temps; Day, Night 68-80 F

Humidity; Day, Night 50%

Ventilation system; Yes

Wrapping up week five of flowering; all four plants are lush with bud and 24 inches tall. First noticed this on old growth, but now appearing on younger leaves, too. No visible insect pests. Affected leaves are dry and somewhat brittle. Tobacco mosaic perhaps? Concerned since I’m 3-4 weeks away from harvest. Diagnosis, treatment and prognosis, or am I SOL? Thanks!


@garrigan65 maybe he can help out


What are you feeding it
Whats your pH like


MG flowering food, which I use very conservatively once a week. I don’t know the pH. Plain old water out of the tap. I used the same environment (but didn’t feed them as much as the photos) to successfully bring two AF plants to harvest.

I’m a grumpy retired old fart on a small income who’s growing for personal use only, so I can’t spring for the high tech, high dollar gear that many of you use. That said, the half pound that I got from my previous two girls kicks some serious butt.


It looks like rust to me, a disease. I am a newbie but that is my guess


You have a ph issue I highly recommend buying even a cheap ph meter

Deronweer Digital PH Meter, PH Test water 0.01 PH High Accuracy Water Quality Tester with 0-14 PH Measurement Range for Household Drinking, Pool and Aquarium Water PH Tester Design with ATC (Yellow)


That’s only about $13! Then you can use cheap vinegar to make the pH go down and baking soda to make it go up. Adjust it to 6.5 for soil. MANY deficiency problems go away if the pH is right.