Is there a doctor in the house? First grow with Auto-Flowering White Widow

All looked good and I fertilized lightly per schedule based on plant maturity- then I started getting a few things. Burnt leaf tips (lower) curled downwards leaves (upper) but plant is still blooming. What am I missing or adding too much of at this time? What are best NPK fertilizers for soil growers? PH 6.5.


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Looks like a little rich in nitrogen. Ph of 6.5 is in, out, or both?

I don’t believe there is a magical npk ratio you can set and forget. Some plants have different needs than others, and your environmentals can easily change nutrient demand. As you grow more you will figure out how to spot nutrient issues early and adjust accordingly.


Thanks for the input, yeah I’m learning through this grow. When you say ph in or out, I don’t follow. Soil test kit indicates 6.5 in pot at 3” depth. I use distilled water and supplement with Fox Farm Tiger Bloom which is 2-8-4 every other watering. Any idea how close to harvest?

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I was more or less asking if you are setting the ph of your water/nutrient solution and then also checking the runoff from pots?


Ah, I see what you’re saying. I have not measured ph from runoff. I’ll check that next watering.