Is there a chance that plant start to bud but doesn't finish with mature buds?

A question from a fellow grower:
Once a plant starts showing it’s female side, is there a chance that it starts to bud but due to the seasonal light patterns that it experiences (I’m growing outdoors) it doesn’t finish with mature buds?
I’m in Hawaii, have plants that show the beginnings of buds but they seem to be somewhat still in the foliage stage so I’m wondering how to administer nutrients. Reason why I ask is because we are past the winter solstice and headed towards longer sunlight days. I want to do right by these plants, any insights you can give me will be appreciated.

When growing outdoors plants with start to flower when day light hours start to drop below 14 hrs of day light or there about
once they are getting 12 hours of night they will be in full flower
Being in the part of the world your in you should be able to finish them off

Why don’t you join us so we can help guide you
Also a few pictures of what you dealing with would help us judge what is going on

Here’s a few guides Hope they help answer your questions


You need to supplemental light them till spring
Put some shop lights out with them on 24 hours for 2 weeks then start lowering the hours they are on till you can sink them up with the sun