Is there a certain soil to use?


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

First time grower. Done some research but is there a certain soil to use. Or you prefer?


It’s a tricky question because of what’s available in your area. I myself like pro mix soil then i add pig poop and worm casting and myconize. Just stay away from miracle grow and i don’t like fox farm ocean forest either. But i use the fox farm nutrients at half strength and ph water and nutrients.


I mix one bag to one bag of Happy Frog and Fox Farm soil. I’m considering trying one of those Pro mix soils but that probably won’t be for a while


If you don’t mind me asking what Pro mix soil do you use? On their website it appears they have tons of different kinds of soils. Thank you for your help and time


I get this at Wal-Mart for $9.00 a bale


Awesome! Thank you very much. I was reading that one isn’t that like they’re kind of all-purpose vegetable/ plant mix? How do you like it? Have you gotten through a grow with it yet? Just curious on end results. Thank you very much for your reply I appreciate you taking the time for it


I’m a firm believer in Fox Farms Ocean Forest. So much nutes included that I don’t add nutes until well into the flower stage. Some say that FFOF is a little ‘hot’ for planting seeds. But, I haven’t had any issues.

Best of luck!


That works great for me i got pictures of my grow in another thread and im in flower already again with it


I took ffof soil and tossed it out in my yard and it burnt the grass. I always had a problem getting nutrient burn with that soil. And i don’t like how the water stays on top of the soil then sinks down i want to water and go. For me i got way better results using pro mix soil and their nutrients. I know everyone grows different this is what is working pretty well me


Depends on what’s in your area and budget. I love Happy Frog or Ocean Forest because my seedlings flourish in it, lots of beneficial microbes, and never had drainage issues.

But I have used the cheap bags at walmart that are a few bucks. Like miracle grow or ecoscraps. Be careful when using the cheap ones. They may have fertilizer built in which can burn your seedling and cause pH issues later on due to salt content from fertilizers.

And perlite is your best friend! Do a 1 to 5 parts of that to your soil, and it will improve drainage and help oxygenate the roots in the soil.

Good luck!


Yes! ORGANIC SOIL to begin with. NO chemicals! PLEASE!

I would never grow anything in chemical soil. My veggie garden is organic too.
I use this and Royal Mix:

The planet is polluted enough as it is and everybody should do their part to use organic stuff. Besides, it is much more interesting to watch Mother Nature taking care of itself.

I am in Europe and there are some great stores making organic soil and nutrients, etc for your garden.

I found out that using organic top quality soil is cheaper in the long run…
Good luck :wink:


for starting seeds do you just use the Fox Farm Ocean Forest or do you mix anything with it. also do you use the same for when you transplant the seedlings to larger pot?


For seeds you should use neutral mix.
You could burn the seedlings. Just my 2 cents.


I have been using rockwool for starting seeds.
composted soil for garden. use compost bins!
and perlite, vermi, claystone mix for hydroponics that i just started.


I completely agree. We are polluting the shit out of this planet. I got coco coir for my first ever grow because it was organic. Hoping it works well. Do you think I need to mix the coco with anything or its fine as is?