Is there a cannabis strain that doesnt get you high?

Hi guys, a friend of mine suffers with paranoia when smoking… no suprosr, weve all had it at one time or another i imagine. He was asking me if there was something he could smoke for the pleasure and social aspect without actually getting stoned or high mind or body… but still enjoy the taste and smell ect
Any info appreciated.

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Might be able to find one that’s high in cbd and low in thc, but I don’t think you can find a strain that you get the benefit of social aspect, pleasure, but without the “high”

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Try cannatonic or its phenotype acdc, its pretty much clone only strain, but I think you could find seeds online…
I am waiting for my clones as well…


Why on earth…
I would lean him towards something that is 80% Amber and let him find himself on the couch…:smiling_imp: nothing anxious or paranoid about that​:wink:… trust me… no such thing as unstoney weed​:laughing:… that defeats the purpose​:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::wink:

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The whole social aspect is because you get that relaxed “high” affect and are more proned to talkin and engaging in social activity. I really do not think there is a strain that will give you all the benefits from.smoking without the “high” feelin.

it must be a pain in the but not being able to smoke

I got just the thing


Have your friend check out Kratom. It is an all natural herb that has some of the properties of mj, but it’s not nearly as strong. It feels about 1/8th the strength of mj

Or Penny Wise. … It’s a low TCH CBD strain that give a mild high like the old days strains did :wink::grinning:, it’s about 5 to 7% potency ratio 1:1​:wink::grinning:

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It does brother haha

re-read your last message

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I used AC/DC in Oregon and it was a lot like he was asking, not much high but I could feel the CBD. I cannot find find seeds of it anywhere. Jerry

I am waiting for some clones in few weeks, here in NorCal it is pretty much clone only strain, just like the original Blue Dream…
I been told by some old time local growers that the true Blue Dream strain seeds pretty much does not exist anymore…
Just what I have heard…
I hope to get my AcDc clones, really want to grow it for my personal use…

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You have no idea man, this guy use to smoke a good few gram a day, every day.

Whole point is for the lovely taste and smell bro

I will reserach and let you know if i find anything dudes, what is the thing sir @garrigan62

Try ordinary hemp… The one that can you make rope and other things from her… My grandma grow that… Was growing…

Mhmm im going to look for the lowest thc content in any strain

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So I am thinking what he needs is some of my product from my first grow… Cuz it sure fits the title…


Lmao… :grinning: :smile: :laughing: :sweat_smile: :wink: @bryan
We’ve all been there and I still visit that place occasionally… LOL
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Lol dude, fingg lol