Is ther anyone willing to help?

In my country marijuana is illegual so buying seeds is right next to impossible
Any ideas of to get some seeds ?

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From here check out the shipping policy. Discreet and guaranteed

What do you mean? From here
Are u a shop owner?
How can we comunicate outside this group?
I dont know if this is allowed here anw

Lol not from me, from ILGM and Robert.

Got mine from here alot of others on this forum as well.


Whichbone do you recommand for someone who smoke marijuana for laughing relaxing and getting freeky in bed ?

Purple haze or OG kush.

Here is a pic of the purple haze I got going.

Good luck and happy growing. Welcome to the ILGM forum.


To be honest I would give ILGM a shot. They gauruntee delivery so you really have nothing to lose.
Most of the strains they offer will do well for everyday smoking. Gold leaf is a great strain and usualy they have a deal on them. (You may have to add them to your shopping cart to see the deal) or at least when I got mine the were having a deal.


She’s beautiful


In my country is illegal to but the seeds are considered souvenir so that is not illegal… Check on Google if is like in my country!

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Thats crazy! If you dont mind my asking what country is that

I only can tell you about my country… It is in est Europe… Sorry… I’m a little paranoid about this!

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