Is the what “Fox Tail” looks like?

Not sure what happened to her. Clearly nutrient related, leaves dried out a couple weeks ago. Past day 106, thinking she may be done maturing. Trichomes are clear and have shown no signs of changing in the past two weeks. She may be gone but not sure.


Yuuuup. That’s a lot of foxtailing. Are you looking at trichomes on the foxtails, or deeper in the flowers? The foxtails will be less developed, but that girl looks all around ready.


Yes but it doesn’t hurt a thing especially if you see them a few weeks before harvest and they have time to ripen

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Thanks Lewy

Thanks mate.

Yah u have fox tailing

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Why do you say nutrition?

I thought foxtailing can be caused either by genetics or by stress.

If you’re growing outdoors, any foxtailing is almost always due to genetics. Some strains of cannabis are simply more prone to developing foxtails.

Indoors, however, foxtailing can be caused by light stress during the flowering phase. In this case, plants start developing foxtails in parts of the flowers that are too close to the light source for too long.

Genetics or excessive light exposure. The plants are continuing to produce buds and stack and stack and stack because the light intensity is too high. Most growers will crank the lights way up for early-to-mid flower and then dial it back to DLI from 50 to 35-40 in late flower while the plant matures and finishes.

No those are bracts. Foxtails are pistils shaped in the form of a fox tail that don’t finish with the plant. You’ll have done buds with white hairs coming out of the top

Day 98 started in green house got it inside in tent with mats hydro 2000 half way through. Foxtailing? New growth all around main Kola. Wait more time or just chop since I already started flush.

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First bean ever dropped so all advice is appreciated had to add the stick for support she was starting to bend. She is either a Gsc extreme or Gorilla lost my label :tired_face:. In a 7 gallon ocean farm medium. I know I removed a lot of leaves got carried away pulling the yellowing and dried leaves. She went through a lot from transitioning to green house to tent which started with high temps before I got my second AC infinity.

OP sorry didn’t find where to make new post. looks like same prob so posted.

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Welcome to the community ! yes , that would be a good example of Fox tailing. Finish the plant out.


That’s foxtails