Is the time right to harvest?


Need more pictures. One individual cola and an overall of the plant/plants. How long in flower? Strain?

White widow. Start of the 9th week tomorrow. 63 days from breaking dirt.

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hard to tell without seeing the trichomes but it looks like a lot of white pistils, maybe 7-10 more days

“63 days from breaking dirt.” what does this mean?

How many days since you flipped to flower? or how many days since you’ve seen flowers? (usually a week apart)

63 days from when the plant sprouted

You’ve got 3 to 4 weeks to go IMO.


That one started flowering after just 3 weeks

youll want 8-12 weeks of FLOWER depending on the genetics.

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Right here

Trichomes are milky and some are just starting to turn amber.

I think you have at least a month. I was told this plant had 3 to 4 weeks to go.

Looks to me like they have a while to go. Question is, are you asking if they’ve reached maximum thc and not degrading to cbn yet? Or are you asking if the plant is finished?

I know that sounds stupid. I’ll elaborate…
I’m not in the mindset that max thc is when the plant is “finished”. Sure that’s gonna get you the highest, but I try to grow my plants until they’re mature. Which may mean some breakdown of thc to cbn. Not ideal for most, I know. I want my plants mature, and I don’t mind a little less thc. I’m more interested in terpines and flavonoids produced on a mature plant. And whatever that high is, that’s the high of that strain. If I don’t like it, I should try a different strain. This is just how I personally look at it.

As far as I know, if you want max thc content (makes sense.) Use the jewelers loupe and check trichomes. And harvest based on that. I hear a lot of talk about milky being most potent. But from what I’ve recently read, max thc content is in clear trichomes. Milky trichomes have already started to degrade to cbn. * btw, thc does not break down into cbd. Only cbn.

Sorry for rambling, I may be high. Here’s the book I’m talking about. I did learn a few things from it that I had kinda wrong.

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Rosenthal’s the man. I know the plants need to go longer. But I may have to take them no later then the 20th. I was just looking for some insight to weather they would be ok taste and potency wise? I’ve never had to take any of my plants early before. Thanks for the info.

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