Is the sinking seed good or no good?

Hi guys,
I am new to this awesome hobbie but I am soaking up all the information I can. Unfortunately alot of info on the net is wives tales…which brings me to the ?

I soaked 5 white widow auto seeds for 24 hours and then dropped them in their soil cups.

One of the seeds had sunk to the bottom of the water glass. My beautiful wife says that she was told, that if a seed sinks…its no good.

Is this true or just another wives tale?


Sinking is what you want. It means the seeds hull has been “breached” and she’s takin’ on water, captain. In fact, there is a process known as scarifying, where one basically scratches the seed with a nail file or a match book strike, to scuff it up to allow quicker absorption.


That explains what happened today then lol. I labelled the cup with the sunk seed and guess which one popped up ???

You guessed it…seed that sunk !!!

Ayeaye captain


Seed sinks because it absorbed water.
Personally, I use the wet towel method. Good healthy seeds will hatch in two days. When tap root is 1/4"+ long, I put in soil n clear plastic cup. Bury the seedling till just the head is barely showing. Once roots look like a spider web, I transplant to final location.