Is the plant ready?

Question from a fellow grower!

I purchased autoflowering seeds and I need help in determining if it is time to harvest I have read the guides and I am still a little confused at if I should harvest them now or not so I have took pictures and attached them here to help me.

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Show a pict of whole plant but it appears to still have a lot of white hairs yet. Do you have some sort of magnifier??

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@Audiofreak here is some more pictures most of my pistils

are amber and the trichomes are milky white


@jtemple5684, hey first of all welcome to the community and to the forum. That strain looks like wedding cake and by my judgment and buy my 50 year old as you still need some time it is not ready by my standards. If you’re having any doubts see the attachment

Hey I hope this helps you with your grow. Good luck with your grow, and happy growing

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Welcome @jtemple5684
I still see a lot of white pistils. Those buds will get much fatter if you wait for it to fully mature.
This is what you want to see …


Welcome to the community! :+1:t2: I agree to all of the above. I would wait… Good luck! :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:

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Not even close. I’ve been told his one has 4 weeks if that gives you any idea.

Welcome to the community ! I also vote give her a little more time she has more to offer. Good luck