Is the Mars Hydro website legit?

So I placed an order from them directly at on Friday April 8 and received an email of confirmation but no tracking number. Its now Monday and they haven’t responded to any of my emails. Has any body been scammed from Mars Hydro directly?? . Not AMAZON. Read a few reviews on some pages of people not receiving there orders.

Most places don’t ship the day you order, and it was also the weekend. Give it another day or two and try reaching to them again. Lots of growers here have success with Mars Hydro, but I’m not sure where they purchase(d) them from.

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:joy: I’m sure they’re legit. That’s the correct address for their website. I know it’s gotta be so exciting - what did you order? I really like the new bar array fixtures they have.

By the way, it’s gonna take a couple weeks after planting the seeds before you’re smoking some bud. :rofl:

a tsl 2000

I currently have one mars hydro TS 600 from amazon there most affordable model. But I purchased a TS2000 from the direct website cause its a bit cheaper plus I got a small discount on top of it being a bit cheaper then amazon


I have the Viparspectra equivalent to your 600. I had to upgrade before flowering because it barely had the juice to veg 1 plant.

that’s why I am upgrading I have 4 in veg right now in 3 galon pots luckily the oldest one is just 16 days old and started its first feeding today the other 2 are 10 days old and 1 of them rooted yesterday

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Mars has warehouses in a bunch of different countries I know in the US they ship out in 3-5 days and will email you tracking information you should get it within 2 weeks unless they don’t have it in srock and have to get it from another warehouse.

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have you ever purchased directly from them?

Oh yeah… using 2 8000s 800w equivalent

They will get back to you. Enjoy your light. I have some. Have upgraded to hlg 600r’s so now use the mars for seedlings. They will flower your plant but they will never be as dense as they could be. Happy growing

My neighbor did and she got hers in less than 2 weeks I remember that much and it came from California

I can ask her tomorrow how long it took for them to actually ship it, I got mine through Amazon

anyone have codes for Mars-hydro and AC Infinity ?

I used “WEEDINAPOT” at AC Infinity for 10% off about 2 weeks ago.

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