Is the leaves normal?


Hi everyone !
I have an ILGM strawberry kush
I found the leaves different from other weed
Is this normal?

English is not my language Probably grammar a bit strange sorry and thank you



They do look a little strange. Sometimes that is just genetics though.


She still a baby let her grow into her leaves but yeah mine do that to it’s genetics


Thank you!


So it should be normal?thank you!


Perfectly fine.


Thank you!


Your good my friend


So sweet thank you


@Hopkins999 Mine kinda looked that way at 1st.

But give her 5or 6 weeks and

Yours are looking great. Keep up the good work.


I’m worried about the problem But hear everyone say it is good I can rest assured that many

This is my first planting Thank everyone for help There are many places worth learning from me

Thank you and everyone


no worries on those leaves just wait to throw my hat into the ring to hahahah
@Hopkins999 also wanted to say hello and welcome to the play ground :v:️ CB
@Caosred just a friendly FYI you should edit those pics and remove the competitors web site off them
Wouldn’t want you to get in trouble for inadvertently posting it my friend :wink: