Is the Flowering Time the of the grow

My white widow is past the flowering period. With this being my first ever I just want to be sure before I pull her. I used my jeweler scope and all I can make out are the gold, brown that could be red, and plenty thc all over everything.Not sure about the milky color. I read the areas on flowering and it didn’t help.So do the flowering time end the grow? Maybe I’m missed something. Help please.

The gold brown you seeing could be the Amber color most have stated for harvesting . If it’s lots of Amber and no milky , than yes it’s time to harvest , but remember only you can decide when if you want to harvest , clear , cloudy are Amber , hope this helps , and happy growing .

Mostly clear trichomes:

Some amber or colored trichomes:

A lot of amber or colored trichomes, probably about 50/50 here:


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My auto haze is picture #2 so my plans is to put it in darkness for 72 hours !!!

Thank you all. Just checked after look at these pictures and I’ll wait a little longer. Trichomes are almost there. The visual in the photos really helped make I think the right decision.My first grow to harvest soon to enjoy. So excited to be at this point.