Is that I have one plant that looks different from the other three



A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I purchased 20 white widow seeds and planted 5 of them July 16th. 4 came up right away and overall I’m really happy! My question is that I have one plant that looks different from the other three and I’m wondering what’s up with it.

Like I said earlier these are white widow seeds.
To me, it looks like 3 plants are clearly indica but the fourth one on the right looks like it is sativa heavy. Am I crazy!? It is getting taller faster and has very narrow leaves. It is picture #40 and #45.

Is this normal and/or should I take it out of the grow room?

On a side note how do they look otherwise? They are 29 days from seed!


They all look the same to me. It’s a little difficult to tell in that light but I think you’re fine. However, it looks like you may have a deficiency in your leaves unless it’s just the way the light is hitting it.


I see the difference. Doesn’t mean it’s not WW, it’s just a phenotype difference. Some plants display different characteristics even though it’s the same strain. You will still get the same bud in the end. No worries. :+1:


No worries mate! Think Sesame Street - 'one of these kids is doing his own thing" LOL


thanks for the feedback guys! :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


Thanks! I think I was so afraid of overwatering early on and that’s what the leaves are bouncing back from… I’m hoping anyway, three plants have really nice leaves but the one is still looking “dried up”.


Actually, the skinnier one on the right looks like it could be missing a leaf or two. Did you have issues? You’d be surprised what having less shade in a spot does for the plant. Not that it’s either good or bad, but they will definitely grow differently.


@Yahdaree firstly! Welcome to ILGM this is an awesome forum full of plenty knowledgeable people. Take advantage :joy::joy:. And i agree with the sesame street analogy. U get different kids. Also noticed tall n lanky to the right. The girls all look great though. Awesome growing so far. Photos in regular light are encouraged and have fun perusing the area :wink:



My lowryder girls are the same age and I also was wondering if one was diffy


This is a good lesson for clone taking/mother selecting. When you take clones, get multiple from each mother. If the indica size is a major selling point yku’ve already made ur first X. No need to clone the sativa? Wrong! Just take one cuz she may smoke better. Labeling is your friend. And paying attention to your babies as well. One may grow twice as fast. Upon flowering one may spit wicked colors. My point is pay attention to your girls. And your time will be rewarded


When I get home I’ll take some better pics in better lighting, thanks for the tip!


No and actually very early on this was the biggest one.


I guess they look similar lol just one plant has really thin leaves while the other three are very broad.


See. From the photos. 1,2, and 4 looks thinner then 3. 4 looks like the runt. And 1 looks like the more sativa of the bunch. 3 is all indica

And 4 has decent stretch for a runt