Is that bud mold iv only sit one time and not with a purple bud?

Does anyone think that is b

Iv only seen bud mold once be for and not on purple flower should I cut it down or am I wrong about the mold
I’m not trying to loose such a beautiful plant but I was taught if u even think mold cut it down or loose the hole crop but I need a second opinion on this one

I’m not sure if that is bud rot, but may be hermaphrodite. Can you get some additional pictures maybe changing up angle of camera or shaded a little bit. I would like to get cleaner look at this if possible

At quick glance I would have thought this may be damage from light intensity, but a little weird to be on buds not leaves. Can you give us a summary of what’s been going on up to this point?

Nothing wrong much with it It was purple now tinged reddish with violet hues it and iv never seen purple bud with red hairs but the one next to it is still a pretty light purple silvery hairs let me see if I got a pic with me

I’ll be home soon and get some moor close ups

They are autos from rare dankness seeds and they had sum beautiful buds dude who ben growing for 20 learnd from said they a trusted suppler

Chiefgreentree, at first glance looking at the picture I thought maybe you had some caterpillars on some weird genetics. But it does look like a form of rot but normally it’s green-ish reddish from what I’ve seen. But it does look like a hermie to me. Man I hope you find out what it is I hope it doesn’t sabotage the rest of your grow. Let me know what your findings are because I was thinking of nutrient deficiency with the yellowing of the leaves but then the weird color of the bud, multiple things man, i’m tempted to send a pic to my cousin and ask him, see if he can shed some light. Hopefully he’ll have an answer for you if you don’t get one man hit me up and I’ll ask him in the morning.

Iron deficiency is not very common at all but it does show up on new growth and the yellow starts at the petiole and spreads out from there to the end of the leaf eventually. So that’s why I would consider it. I can’t say that’s what it is, I could be way off, but I don’t think it’s bud rot. In the past when I had budrot the bud just started turning brown, and the brown buds happen pretty quickly. :v::green_heart:

So weird even google wont bring up a pic like this. Looks cool as hell tho. Just cannot get anything on the net like this. Ive searched for a while now and while searching man i seen some atrains that just look like a bowl of fruity pebbles in a nug. Dud some of the buds look like outer space buds. Just eye catching and beautiful.

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Hopefully this will help, I do think it could be a form of bud rot

It can’t be rot if it needs cold lowest temperature has been 69 at night my teacher said for me to add nitrogen and keep going with advanced nutrients ph perfect cuz I thought the yellow leaf was nutrient burn and dialled back on the nutrients

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Yea he said they were one of my best picks they can be found on attitude seed bank check out the ghost of Leroy stran I haven’t done it yet and label your plants cuz I didn’t and forgot witch was witch @Mark0427

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Those are from today I had all my leaves perfect now another yellow and should I even care 2 weeks and they should be done right

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Id say more than 2 weeks but ive never seen anything like this. Im still trying to google anything like this and cannot find anything loke it

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To be honest iv seen about 6 grows between 4 different growers that don’t know each other iv picked up a few tricks from each one had plants that were purple on one side stem leaf and bud then cut it down the middle green on the other seen it myself but nothing like the colors here

CORRECTION I got thoes from sweet seeds on attitude seed bank my bad Raredankness only got one auto strain my bad always label the plants