Is Strawberry Kush any different?

I have strawberry kush in route. Is there any difference to it as opposed to non kush? Ive never grown period but am looking forward to the experience.

Different from what?

Strawberry kush is very different from most strains, apparently and especially in not needing cold to get the reddish purples to show in the buds.

Kush strains tend to be indica dominant, as apposed to haze strains being sativa dominant. these are generalities and more and more there is not necessarily a huge difference in the high nor a real clean cut and plain difference in the way they grow, these are all hybrids and you may experience many phenotype expressions when growing from seed. The general qualities for the individual strain, as described in the description and in the details in the seed shop should hold true, however.

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I was talking about regular strains. I’m new and want to do my best and didn’t know if they require different care from other strains.

Do you mean “regular” compared to feminized? What do you mean by regular?

Weird, somehow I missed the ‘different than non-kush’, sorry.

Kush really is just kind of another name for indica. In general for some new growers, indicas seem to be a bit easier to grow for numerous reasons, one of them is that they tend to stay relatively small and bushy, so it is easier to grow indoors and/or still grow bushy, even outdoors, for good yields with minimal or no training methods.

Also if you notice in the description details, it is a good strain for beginners.

Be sure to download and read the free bible and poke around a lot on the forum and blog, and even through the “online” ‘GUIDES’ tab. Read a lot, and if you have any questions let us know here and we’ll try to answer them for you. You’ll notice a lot of different people asking basically the exact same questions over and over, so maybe you might even find the answer to your question, or even realize you had the question in the first place, hopefully long before you run into any problems. And even if you do down the road, be sure to come back here and let us know and we’ll do what we can to get your situation diagnosed and hopefully have a remedy for you.

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I ordered 3 Strawberry Kush seeds and put them in water for 24 hours and then put them in soil, it’s been 5 days and I haven’t seen anything. I have steady75 degrees heat and the soil is moist. Should I be concerned or is this normal? Thanks.

Hey EarlyPearl
I have 2 Strawberry Kush from ILGM planted and I am also new to growing so I can’t tell you if they grow any different than any other strain, but looking back on my notes I soaked for 24 hrs and planted on Feb 28 and I got sprouts on Mar 6 so hope this helps
They grow nice and easy cuz I don’t think I am any good yet but here are my girls


Those sure are some pretty ladies. So, it was 7 days and I’ve still got hope.

Yep, I am normally impatient so waiting taxes me to the smoking point…lol
Keep them moist but not wet and I use a humidity dome. I also have a 125 W CFL I use for my seedlings so not sure if I am correct in this habit but I put the light right up against the plastic cover of my dome as soon as I saw my sprout.
Good luck

Thanks for the help.