Is something wrong?

What am I doing wrong or do they look normal?

Wow I haven’t ever seen that much stretching. It looks like they have been looking hard for some light. What kind of lighting are you using.

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Of course lol only my stuff would do things nobody has seen before. 400 watt florescent. I run it for 12 hours on then 12 hours off. Was going to leave the light on 24 hours to see if it helps

What’s the height of the light from the plants? I recommend transferring them into solo cups cut some drain holes and bury them until they are about 2 to 3 inches Max and make sure the light is around 12 to 16 inches above and it should get it back under control.

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The light is about 12 inches above. I didn’t know if I could bury them. I really appreciate the information and with replant them tomorrow. Thank you!

Yea i think u might need a new light and switch your cycle to 18 and 6

Shopping for a new one right now. Any certain one I should be looking for? Thank you for the advice.

What’s size is your space? How many you planning to grow?

12x12 and I planted 60

That strikes me as a mighty ambitious endeavor for a new grower. What kind of budget do you have overall?


Wow to do that right would take a massive investment. I can see conservative it being well over 1500.


$1500 (US) wouldn’t cover lights (12 600w HPS fixtures) let alone the wiring costs to support 7,200w.

@Jbrown look at HLG LED lights. You can trust their statements about the flowering coverage of their fixtures. You cannot trust the same info from Amazon importers.

You’re going to need to account for heating, cooling, air movement, humidification, dehumidification, grow medium, fertilizers (if applicable), ancillary equipment (measuring, safety, etc), environmental controllers, cleanup, odor control, pest management, and the cost of running all that equipment every month. Assess your needs, and consider that as a starting point.

@Jbrown those plants are extremely overwatered. Expect to see some damping off (stem death at soil line).


Yea 60 plants is a lot. Especially if you dont have the basics down. I did 1 the first grow and its almost harvest time. Going for 6 seeds planted and hoping for 3 of them to be female atleast but not ezpecting all. Using bag seeds not buying good genetics.

I feel you gotta go thru some problems before making a huge investment. Walk before you run. But shit im not rich so dont have the money to throw away. Good luck