Is something wrong with this LED full Spectrum lamp?

the seller insisted that it was normal that one LED diode looks like its dead but its actually working. should i ask for a refund ?
thanks for your time ^^

Hey - ,man if you don’t want it - get a re-placement, a good company should do that – this way no questions. But it does look OK

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I think I see the one he means ? …5th Row from the bottom dead center seems to be out, but my eyes aren’t great so…

But like Steve said, get a replacement if your not happy

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Generally, one diode looks like it is out because it’s projecting light beyond the visible spectrum I believe. Manufacturer should know which position it would be in. Mine are dead center.


ah awesome, thx guys for clearing that up, i guess its working, he couldn’t tell me which led was the U.V or I.R diode, got a bit suspicious lol because its a random setup on each lamp :confused:
thx again for your time ^^

If you have a camera that can shoot night mode it can see IR

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