Is something wrong? Been 5 days since sprouting

I have a chemdawg auto here in seedling stage. I havent seen any growth in a few days am i just being impatient or is something wrong?


She is most likely laying down roots at this stage. Have patience.

Be careful to not overwater. A seedling that size only needs a couple ml of water each day.


They’re also not fond of transplants however I hope she grows big!

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It looks abit dry and they take a while to grow its putting out roots u need to have patience


Yes patience …and care .But don’t be a helicopter grower :crazy_face: We all do/did that for our first few grows…We are so worried that we will do something wrong or that its not growing right…Trust me don’t neglect them but don’t keep constantly checking on them …Ol grandma once said “A watched pot never boils”… also different strains grow at different rates…also with in the same strain you may get different plants.So just be patient…and by the way it doesn’t look all that bad…to me.


I agree with that brother


Yeah, just have to wait. Once it gets going it will explode. Here’s two pics exactly one week apart.


That being said…I have a “Runt” plant…Its a Bubba Kush and it is very small compared to its sister germed a week apart. Sometimes the runt will over pass he others,you just never know?