Is Soil Mix and rabbit manure enough?

I was planning on new soil each grow, old can go in the garden or such. I’m trying to get through the entire grow without adding anything but water (I mean normally, not absolutely). If I mix rabbit manure (N 2.4, P 1.4, K .6) in with either Miracle Gro or Fox Farms before filling 3 gallon grow bags do you think it will see me through? Auto flower plants.

I would go FF. Miracle Grow contains contains time-release nutes that nuke your plant and submarine your pH every time you water. Some people get away with using MG, but most don’t and end up having to deal with nute burn.

You might have some NPK in your mix, but it’s not enough. You plant also needs micronutrients (Sulfur, calcium, magnesium, copper, boron, zinc, and so on…) supplementation that won’t be present in sufficient levels after several weeks using a Fox Farm or similar products. Good fertilizers such as FF or Jack’s contain these additional nutrients.


Yeah , I second that :point_up: go with Fox farm or other proven cannabis friendly soil.

I would imagine the rabbit manure would provide micros, no? With auto flower plants, just need to make sure have enough to not run out before say 12 weeks. I see “amendments” that appear to be mostly adding "flora and fauna to the soil mix. Total waste of money?